Tourist taking a photo of Covachos beach in Liencres, Cantabria

Five ideas for a summer break with the family in Cantabria


In Northern Spain there is a place bursting with perfect activities for you and your family to enjoy. Not only are most of the experiences suitable for the youngest family members but the older ones will love them too. It is an area where nature takes centre stage and you can enjoy activities in the mountains and green meadows as well as more tranquil days on sunny beaches. Cantabria is infinite, so below we highlight just some of the ideas so you know where to start.

  • Giraffes in Cabárceno Natural Park

    Cabárceno Natural Park

    This beautiful natural space, where the predominant colour is green, is bursting with adventure and fun for the family. You can enter the area by car and travel along the old pathways surrounded by nature. While you drive through nature you can observe over 100 animal species from the five continents that live in the park. The spaces are very large and open permitting the animals to live in semi-freedom.

  •  Cantabrian Maritime Museum

    Cantabrian Maritime Museum

    In the city of Santander there is a place where you can discover all the secrets of the Cantabrian Coast. At the heart of the bay, this museum is home to 20 aquariums where you can observe a wide variety of marine animals and plant life up-close. But the most impressive sight has to be the enormous whale skeleton that appears to be floating on air in a large room. You simply can’t leave the museum without taking a peek.

  •  Fuente Dé cable car in Picos de Europa, Cantabria

    Fuente Dé and the Picos de Europa

    The Picos de Europa National Park is possibly one of the most spectacular natural spaces in all of Spain and thanks to the Fuente Dé cable car, you can reach its central massif in under five minutes. Once you're up there, head to the natural viewing point, breathe in the pure mountain air and enjoy the stunning views this place has to offer. You can also enjoy a vast array of routes and hiking paths to suit all levels, so you can get to know this national park and its landscapes a little better.

  •  Replica of the Cave of Altamira, Cantabria

    The Cave of Altamira

    Very close to Santillana del Mar, a stunning medieval town that is worthy of a visit, you will find one of the most important historical cave complexes in all of Spain. The famous Cave of Altamira, where you can admire prehistoric cave paintings ranging between 36,000 and 13,000 years old. The complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To enjoy this extraordinary experience you should head to the Altamira National Museum and Research Centre, where, in addition to different archaeological remains and objects, there is also an exact replica of the Cave of Altamira, the neocave.

  • El Soplao cave

    El Soplao cave

    A genuine natural wonder hidden in the depths of the earth. This is a magical place straight out of a fairy tale that will leave the youngsters awestruck. Discovering this place is an adventure right from the start, as you will access it aboard a small train that will take you through galleries and rock formations that are thousands of years old. Inside, there are several galleries that can be visited on foot and you can even take an adventure tour that will make you to feel like speleologists for a day.

Cantabria is infinite, not only its landscapes but also the activities you can enjoy here together. Experiences that are sure to become unforgettable family memories.